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How do YOU define Karma?

We’re seeking the best original stories that portray the meaning, the emotions, and the significance of Karma.
All genres accepted.



Open to writers at all levels – emerging writers or authors who have been previously published.

Original works only.

Collaborative entries accepted, but only one grant will be awarded should the entry be selected.

Stories that have been submitted to other competitions or programs will be accepted; however, GABE Advisors, LLC must be notified immediately should the entry receive any other award, grant, or offer for publication.


Entry Guidelines/Rules:

Only previously unpublished original stories will be accepted.
Format – double spaced, with no identifying name on the submitted pages.
Submissions limited to the following:

  • a synopsis of no more than four pages, summarizing the concept of the story
  • the first chapter of the story and one additional chapter of  writer’s choice
  • (Do not send entire manuscripts.)

Submissions should be accompanied by the following:

  • separate cover sheet indicating story title, writer’s name and contact information; to include mailing address, phone number and email address
  • a brief, one page background biography of the writer

Hard copy submissions only.  Send to:

GABE Advisors, LLC
1630 Old Deerfield Road, Suite 207
Highland Park, IL  60035

(Do not send submissions by certified mail or signature required delivery.  USPS or delivery company tracking is recommended to be sure your entry is received.)



The challenge is to express your definition of Karma through a story.  Chosen writers will receive grants to complete their stories and a contract providing GABE with the exclusive rights to edit and publish their works as novels in the Defining Karma™ series.

Multiple grants may be awarded.  Grants will range from $2,500 to $25,000, and are intended to assist writers in the completion of their stories.  In addition to the initial grant, a completed story that is selected to be published as part of the Defining Karma™ series will financially participate in the economics of the Defining Karma™ program.


Entry Deadline:

At this time, there is no deadline for entries. Submissions are welcome at any time for the Defining Karma™ program.



All entrants will be notified within 45 days of submission receipt.

Submissions that are not finalists will be shredded in their entirety.



Story Title:

Writer’s Name:

Mailing Address:





Phone Number(s):

Email Address:

(If more than one writer, above information and biography must be submitted for each individual.)

One-page background biography attached
First chapter enclosed
Synopsis enclosed
Additional chapter enclosed

For GABE Advisors use only: